Friday, February 5, 2010

Check out this deal!

School has been rough this week, actually this whole semester but that is a story for another day. Last night my husband and I went out for dinner (no way was I cooking after this week) and over to the mall. We of course stopped by Lush. I think my husband is becoming more obsessed over the products than I am. I picked up some of their Valentine's day products and he got a new shampoo bar (Ultra Shine, I think) and some type of deodorant bar (something that I don't think I will try) and then I stopped in Sephora because they are next door. I needed nothing but retail therapy is good for soul.

Check out what I found.
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It comes with

- 0.4 oz Hoola
- 0.45 oz High Beam
- 0.08 oz Gilded
- 0.19 oz BADgal Brown

4 full size items and a cute makeup bag for $35.00
I had been eying the Hoola bronzer, but my Nars luguna is working just fine so I never really jumped into buying this.

The Hoola is $28.00 alone so for 7 more dollars I got three other full size products!

I have yet to try these items out. I am excited about the high beam too!

If you love Benefit or are looking for some new "bronzing" products, hop on over to Sephora and check this out!


  1. Oh my goodness!!... What a deal!! I've been wanting to try Hoola... I may just have to make a trip to Sephora tomorrow! :) Thanks for sharing & stopping by my blog!
    Also I saw you liked Primer Potion. I just learned today while searching for a picture to put on my blog that there is SO much product left in the tube the applicator wand can't get too!.. Check this out

  2. Thanks for the info.. I have not heard of Hoola before, I will have to go to Sephora and check it out. I wish I lived near one.. well prob not, I would be in sooo much trouble!!